CytoSport™ Launches Muscle Milk® Pro Series with Mega Protein


Muscle Milk® Pro Series, CytoSport’s newest product line, provides Mega Protein in both ready-to-drink and powder versions.  Muscle Milk Pro Series is designed for individuals who want a protein product that will help them push their bodies through rigorous workouts every day in order to participate in intense athletic competitions. 

Casein and whey, the proteins in Muscle Milk Pro Series, have unique attributes.  The amino acids in whey are digested more rapidly while those from casein are absorbed more slowly.  This casein-whey blend can increase muscle protein synthesis while decreasing muscle protein breakdown which can result in a positive net protein balance, leading to muscle growth when combined with regular workouts.

The protein in Muscle Milk Pro Series can be used:


Muscle Milk Pro Series 40 14 fl-oz. ready-to-drink is already available at retailers in New York City and San Diego.  In late August, CytoSport will be launching Pro Series 40 in select west coast markets, and it will become available nationwide in early October.  Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 powders are currently available at specialty retailers and will be available nationwide in early 2014.  Muscle Milk Pro Series products can be purchased online anytime at

Muscle Milk Pro Series 40 (ready-to-drink):

-  Helps fuel recovery from workouts and builds strength

-  40 grams lean protein

-  20 vitamins and minerals

-  Lactose and gluten free

-  Delicious flavors include:  Knockout Chocolate, Intense Vanilla and Mint Chocolate Overload

-  Available in 14 fl-oz. bottles

Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 (powder):

-  Aids recovery from workouts and helps build lean muscle

-  50 grams of high-quality protein (per 2 scoops – the recommended usage for individuals looking to build size and gain muscle mass)

-  20 vitamins and minerals

-  NSF® Certified for Sport®

-  Gluten free

-  Delicious flavors include: Knockout Chocolate and Intense Vanilla

Available in 2 lb. and 2.54 lb. containers